Kiss of Death

Charles’ brain was operating in safe mode. It was only processing basic functions. Shock tends to have that effect, shutting down overwhelming stimuli in order to prevent a system crash. I won’t have as much luggage to carry, now that Robin is gone. Robin is gone. Robin is gone. This new fact wiggled frantically around … More Kiss of Death

A Heated Affair

I know he’s coming. I can feel him. He approaches one measured inch at a time. My breathing deepens as I anticipate his penetration. His heated embrace will make me perspire and flush, but beads of expectation are already dotting my brow. I could move to him, but this steady agony of anticipation is delicious. … More A Heated Affair


Don’t make me justify it. Ever. Don’t make me share it. Yet. Don’t make me doubt it. Please. You are important. But, Your insecurities smother me. Sometimes I think you like watching me gasp, like the fish you catch at the lake. You throw them back, but when you Lure them, Hook them, Pull them … More FREE SWIM

Naughty Billy

PROFESSOR: How does one measure adversity? STUDENT 1: By how much you learn from it? PROFESSOR: Good. Anyone else? STUDENT 2: By comparing your situation with others who have it worse? PROFESSOR: Perspective. Nice. Any others? BILLY: I measure it with my dick. If it’s longer than my dick, I’m averse to it. PROFESSOR: Billy, … More Naughty Billy