Spoiled Victors

Their figures are slight but their blows, when they land, are brutal. They are blinded by violence, but they are patient, methodical. Each awaits their turn to strike me, each one eager to be the one to bring me down. Another whack. My nose shatters. It hangs crookedly from my battered face. They cheer, but … More Spoiled Victors

Kinky Hope

Hope is the thing with leather — Feathers. Huh? Hope is the thing with feathers. You have your kinky thing; I have mine. Don’t judge.

Inkle the Jackalope

Inkle the Jackalope was lonely. It’s not that he didn’t get attention. He did. But he felt he had no real friends. His antlers made folks act weird. No one was cruel (well, there was that one time in school when a kid called him Horny McHornHead, but the Anti-Bullying Command Force swiftly pummeled that … More Inkle the Jackalope